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Barges and Pontoons

Fireworks Australia has a number of shows fired from various waterways.  For this reason, we maintain a set of barges and pontoons.  The barges and pontoons are custom made aluminium frames and decks that sit above industrial quality plastic floats.  They are very buoyant, lightweight, and very strong.

A key feature of both the barge and pontoon systems are that they can be disassembled and stored in a sea container which makes them perfect for transport.  If a number of the barges or pontoons can be transported by a single truck and delivered directly to the show site.  The crew can then assemble and launch the required barges and pontoons.  Only one truck and no cranes are required.  This is a considerable saving.

Whilst these floating platforms are normally used to shoot fireworks displays, they can be used for other purposes.  Events might consider them useful as general floating platforms for staging, lights, sound, or docking.  Fireworks Australia can arrange the transport, installation and bump out.  Sourcing quality floating platforms is often difficult outside of major ports and harbours and this system is portable.

In addition to the floating platforms, Fireworks Australia has the related anchors, ropes, marker buoys and associated hardware for various operational conditions.

If your event involves some production on the water or if you are considering an event on the water please feel free to discuss how we might get you better quality and value.

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Fireworks Events

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