Thank you for taking the time to check us out and see what we do. From the manufacture and supply of fireworks through to various end uses we have expertise and passion. Not only does Fireworks Australia produce displays but we also supply a large number of quality fireworks businesses throughout Australia with several hundred different product lines. Ask your fireworks provider about his material and be confident that if he is using Fireworks Australia parts he has chosen fully tested and examined, technology leading and great value pyro. You have chosen wisely.

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Company Profile and Mission

At the core of the company values is our commitment to operate in the most sustainable way with the smallest environmental footprint possible. We are also committed to treating all people, including both our customers and supply line staff, with respect. These values have supported company initiatives such as our tree planting and environmental protection program at the factory facility, and our policies with regards to fair and dignified trading relationship with developing country suppliers.

Fireworks Australia was founded in the late 1990’s in response to demand in the fireworks business for better value, customer service and product quality. At that time there were few providers who mostly supplied a high cost and low-quality service delivery. The first few years of operation saw a revolution in the industry with costs falling and hundreds of product innovations – driven primarily by Fireworks Australia.

The business strategy then, as it is now, is to share ideas and developments with the new and growing industry of pyrotechnicians. Fireworks Australia prides itself on being the best possible service provider, but we also work hard to provide support and resources to many other display teams. This has raised the bar across the industry and for the first-time fireworks has become  accessible in a cost-effective way to many new clients around Australia.

In 2018 the business still embraces innovation on a daily basis and has grown into new areas. The core product development team are still the industry leaders.  They have embraced the global information age, with supply chains linking the warehouse with Europe, the USA and closely with China. Products are designed, manufactured, and tested across various borders to ensure the very best quality and a sharp price. We don’t live in a bubble and openly confess to being inspired by ideas and developments used at major events worldwide. Our challenge is delivering these concepts to market in a safe, high quality and cost-effective way – and we work hard at it.

Fireworks Events

The Fireworks Australia display team use the worlds best technology and have a system to deliver a quality event.

This system essentially involves these simple steps.

  1. Meet with the clients to define exactly what they want, the context, deliverables, and risks.
  2. Design and communicate with the client to create a class leading plan.
  3. Embrace all aspects of the company QA and risk planning.
  4. Deliver the project in a timely and professional way and always focusing on quality and safety.
  5. Continue communication with the client during and post event to ensure full satisfaction and to capture and incorporate any learning opportunities, feedback or innovations that might improve future events.

This system applies to any size show big or small.

On the technology side the team are actively engaged with the leading technology suppliers to implement the best systems. Further, Fireworks Australia now manufactures some hardware ourselves to ensure a quality otherwise lacking from known sources. The display team build shows for corporate, government and private clients. It is our focus to be the best possible choice when choosing a fireworks display company.

In the last few years a training system has been developed. Fireworks Australia is a Registered Training Organisation. The nationally recognised units of competency under the VET system are delivered at our training sites in NSW and Victoria or by arrangement elsewhere. More details are available at the training web site It is our mission to deliver this training so that new technicians have the skills and knowledge to enter the industry safely.

This web site also has information about special hardware such as Sparkular (non fireworks), flame, cryogenics (CO2 jets) and streamer cannons. Fireworks Australia can install, hire, or sell these systems into your event or business with cutting edge pricing and more importantly – ongoing service support. For shows on water we have a large set of very high-quality aluminium barges and pontoons. They were purchased so that we can supply a lower cost and better-quality barge option to our clients.

Fireworks Australia is the host of the annual Gunning Fireworks festival. Whilst open to the public, and very popular, the festival is actually a trade show of fireworks innovations. Each year more than 120 progressive fireworks businesses attend the demo show to see what is the “latest and greatest”. The event is one of the largest fireworks trade show demos in the world and attracts a large audience and lots of attention.

Fireworks Australia has a workshop and warehouse facility near Gundaroo in NSW (just outside Canberra). The facility is on a working cattle and sheep farm which provides generous open space for the large quantities of fireworks we store. Fireworks Australia uses local services and businesses and is actively engaged in several community projects in our region.