Thank you for taking the time to check us out and see what we do. From the manufacture and supply of fireworks through to various end uses we have expertise and passion. Not only does Fireworks Australia produce displays but we also supply a large number of quality fireworks businesses throughout Australia with several hundred different product lines. Ask your fireworks provider about his material and be confident that if he is using Fireworks Australia parts he has chosen fully tested and examined, technology leading and great value pyro. You have chosen wisely.

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Equipment Hire

Fireworks Australia has stacks of hardware. We have equipment for running fireworks displays, stage shows, flame effects, confetti and streamer systems, and CO2 jets.  Generally, our systems are stored in rolling road cases for ease of transport. When returned from a show the equipment is checked, cleaned, and tagged into a case so that it is ready for the next event.

You may be an existing licenced fireworks technician or somebody planning an event. Hiring hardware can be a very cost-effective way to incorporate these great features. We can provide training and instruction and can often ship hardware to your site or you can collect it from our workshop.

The cost saving of any DIY effects is that you can eliminate our involvement in staffing and administering the project. A good example is streamer cannons. These are easy to install, particularly for lighting guys as the technology is very similar.

Some equipment may require induction and training which is available at our workshop at low cost.

Fireworks display companies can access our large collection of racks and mortars. We have literally thousands of top quality racks and mortars in all sizes. Hire is going to be cheaper than buying a rack if its for a one-off project.

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For any inquiries regarding equipment dry hire please don’t hesitate to contact our team for a free and no obligation quote.

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