Thank you for taking the time to check us out and see what we do. From the manufacture and supply of fireworks through to various end uses we have expertise and passion. Not only does Fireworks Australia produce displays but we also supply a large number of quality fireworks businesses throughout Australia with several hundred different product lines. Ask your fireworks provider about his material and be confident that if he is using Fireworks Australia parts he has chosen fully tested and examined, technology leading and great value pyro. You have chosen wisely.

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Fireworks Shows

Fireworks Australia are basically a group of people who go nuts for fireworks. We love them. From small private parties to large public celebrations. Fireworks are big, loud, and colourful. They add drama, and they are spectacular. Fireworks are like magic. Adults love fireworks and children are spellbound. A good quality fireworks show will be both entertainment and a piece of art. Fireworks are the full stop on a great event.

New clients are always surprised how easy it is to host a firework display or add a show to their existing event. A show requires a clear open space that can be secured and is free of fire hazards – like a park, oval or field. The host client needs only to secure that space. Virtually all other issues are managed by the Fireworks Australia team.

An experienced pyrotechnician will appraise the site in advance and provide the client with advice about suitability and a range of design option. We can work to a pre-determined budget and are happy to include options inside a budget range. On confirmation the host client will be provided a written quotation and a full risk management policy detailing the fireworks show plan. This document will include copies of our insurance, licences, and local approvals.

Larger public shows may require additional liaison and integration of planning with other agencies such as site security, the Police, live performers, television producers or sporting event show callers. We have extensive experience with these types of stakeholders. We pride ourselves on being reliable, professional, and courteous with all parties to make an event successful.

Fireworks Australia has technicians based Australia wide. It doesn’t matter where your show is located we can provide you a written proposal. To provide the best value and quality we seek to link shows with the closest local ground crew while at the same time preparing the best fireworks at our workshop facility. This system is designed to keep technician costs down but ensure the best materials are used. Larger events are generally managed from our head office. This is because we task more senior technicians with major event experience to oversee the process. There may also be specialised design work involved such as synchronising a show to a digital music track.

Fireworks Events

The Fireworks Australia display team use the worlds best technology and have a system to deliver a quality event.

The first question a client considers is “how much”?  For a general price guide please consider the following.

Short duration displays for an opening or presentation.

From $1500

Smaller event shows such as a school fete

From $3500

Medium level festival or public event.

From $5000

Metropolitan barge shows (excluding barge).

From $7000

Full digitally choreographed pyromusical show.

From $5000

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Please consider this only as a guide as costs may vary (up and down) depending on requirements. It is worth noting that a fireworks display has more impact and is often cheaper than many types of live entertainment. Fireworks Australia values its customers’ needs and is driven by desire to deliver quality – we make no claim to be the cheapest. We focus on value and quality not cheap and ordinary. It has worked for us for 20 years.

A Fireworks Australia display is good news for the sponsor. We have several ways to leverage sponsorship exposure such as:

  • Colour flame lance signs for the sponsors logo.
  • VIP viewing area Special FX pre-show.
  • A display site tour and photo opportunity for sponsors.
  • The sponsor “pushing the plunger” to start a show. Often used as a prize at an event.
  • The use of special skywords – we can write words in the sky with fireworks (new for 2018).

Fireworks Australia has the largest range of fireworks material in Australia. With more than 1000 individual effects to choose from our colour palette is extensive.

The key messages:

  • Fireworks Australia will appraise any site and provide a no obligation written quote that considers the site and client budget.
  • The display team has extensive event experience and will provide support documents such as insurance, licence, risk assessment and safety plan.
  • A fireworks display is totally awesome and will help you not only attract a crowd but also send them home with some “wow factor” in their smile.
  • A fireworks display is cost effective entertainment and the best promotional tool.

Check out some recent shows on the Fireworks Australia show reel.

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Please don’t hesitate to talk to an expert show technician

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