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Pyrotechnician Training

A few years ago, Fireworks Australia recognised the need for better training and accreditation for new technicians. Training has been provided on the job and there was no training standard or evidence-based competency testing.  For this reason, Fireworks Australia became a licenced training provider under the government controlled AVETMISS system. We now deliver the five national units of competency related to fireworks  Students are provided broad skills and knowledge training for the safe planning and implementation of fireworks. We have proudly trained technicians from all the Australian states.  The training package has also been delivered to some government agencies in a few states.

This major innovation, shifting to a competency based training and licencing system has not been popular with all other fireworks companies. They, of course, have no documented training systems or evidence-based competency. Most state regulatory authorities have accepted and often openly endorse the recognised system for training. It is likely that in the future some recognised training credentials will be compulsory to obtain a licence – as it should be.

The course consists of five Nationally Recognised units of competency:
Core units:

  • CUAPYR401 Manage health and safety requirements at fireworks displays
  • CUAPYR402 Operate outdoor fireworks displays
  • CUAPYR403 Plan outdoor fireworks displays
  • CUAPYR404 Operate close proximity fireworks displays
  • CUAPYR405 Plan close proximity fireworks displays

This course is conducted at Fireworks Australia’s premise in Bellmount Forest near Gunning in NSW or in our Victorian facility. The course requires a nominal six-week period to complete as is listed below (including 5 days on site).


Upon enrolment, the participant is issued with the pre-course reading literature consisting of a 250-page Fireworks manual (Pyrotechnic operator and Crew Safety Training Handbook). These are to be read prior to attendance at Gunning, a minimum of two weeks is provided for this.

The intensive week long pyrotechnic course starts on the Tuesday morning at 8.00am and runs through to Approximately 10:00pm on Saturday night, culminating in the first full fireworks display planned and operated by the participants.

Essentially this course combines classroom training in the essential skills sets and a range of hands on training to develop skills, knowledge, and experience. All participants will have ample opportunity to apply all learning. At the completion of the course the students will meet the requirements of a NSW Pyrotechnics licence (or the Victoria / SA / NT as applicable).

Lunch as well as morning and afternoon tea will be provided, participants are responsible for their own accommodation, breakfast, and evening meals during the intensive training sessions at Bellmount Forest. Gunning has various motel style accommodation options and Canberra is only 52km away with Goulbourn 62 km away.

On the last evening of the intensive week, the participants are to plan and deliver a significant size fireworks display to the public. This will be done under the close supervision of Fireworks Australia staff.

Participants will be then issued with their major assignment for which four weeks has been allocated. In their own time and working from their own home, participants will be required to develop their own operations manual for a fireworks display. This is a major requirement of WorkCover for the Pyrotechnician’s licence, this manual will serve as the foundation document for all of the participants future Pyrotechnics work.

The manual is to be submitted within four weeks from the conclusion of the intensive week. The take home exercise is not only a good assessment tool but a good opportunity for students to reflect on their learning and experiences. During this period the training staff will be available for additional instruction, assistance and support.  Participants are expected to satisfactorily complete all assessments.

Some frequently asked questions:

  • What sort of licence will I get and how big a shell can I fire?
    • The training and experience on the course is for an entry level fireworks licence (75mm shells). The student will then need more certified work experience to use bigger shells.
  • Will I have all the skills required to start my own business in fireworks?
    • Some people have done the course and commenced fireworks businesses successfully. However, we would encourage student to work on a range of different projects to develop skills, gain experience and develop their creative style. We have students who have worked on another 5 to 10 shows develop into very good technicians.  The course will provide you with the essential skills to develop a broad safety system for your shows, a strong knowledge of the regulations and the general technical skills.
  • When can I buy fireworks and get started?
    • You will need to obtain your state security clearance and a fireworks licence. Then you will need to comply with the state regulations for permitting and conducting a show.  After obtaining a training certificate and applying for a licence it may take several weeks to be approved by the licencing authority.
  • What additional support and training is available after the course?
    • Fireworks Australia offers full technical support to our trainees and clients generally. Many of the students continue to work on our shows or we can assist finding them projects to work on.

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