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Spark Machine

In 2018 Fireworks Australia became a distributor and user of the Spark Machine series of special effects. A simple description is that hot air is used with a special inert compound to create sparks. There is no combustion or explosive reactions. There is no smoke, fumes or smell. The sparks are very fine and generally not very hot. They look very much like a real stage firework but are in fact just glowing inert particles. Within less than a second the particles have cooled.

The Spark Machine perfectly solve the problems of traditional fireworks: danger of fire, smoke, cost, forbidden for use indoors, and licensing. Spark Machines eliminate these issues completely.

Spark machines have multiple control options. They have the ability to be controlled wireless, DMX or by a specialized control desk. Regardless of which system is used – flexible control and safety are easily managed.

The system comes with three types of spark units.

  1. Spark Machine. These are the original and large commercial version of the machines. They have the highest spark plume, longest effect duration before refilling and are height adjustable from a controller. Fireworks Australia can train you and hire out an event kit. That is 6 machines, power cables, DMX cables and simple DMX controller. We can also supply the spark material to suit. The kit all comes in a road case. In addition, we can sell you a complete package and will beat any price.
  1. Spark Mini. This is a very practical solution to virtually all spark fountain needs.  It suits most function rooms with an effect height ranging from 3 to 6 metres approximately. The machines are wireless or DMX controllable and Fireworks Australia can hire you a set for your event or sell you your own system at the best possible price.
  1. Spark Fall. There are many production designers who would love to simulate a pyro waterfall on stage or an extra special effect at a wedding. Check out the Spark Fall. Designed to be ceiling mounted and cascade a stream of non-burning sparks downwards. These machines can be wireless, or DMX controlled. We have hire units available or happy to put together a new kit.

This technology is proving an absolute game changer. A non-pyro alternative for your event. Low heat, no smoke, no smell, and NO PERMIT. They don’t even set off the smoke detectors! They will save you a stack of money. You can purchase a kit or allow us to train you and hire a kit to your event.

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